Patriots Update

Event Details

  • January 12th, 2018

  • 4:00 PM

  • Wrestling

  • Varsity

  • Boy

  • Game

  • Away

  • Winners Choice at Fairmont 2 Days


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Game Summary


8th Place



GW finishes 8th at Winners Choice

George Washington Points: 101.00 Ded: 1.00
113 Tyler Huffman Record: 13-14

Lost to Cobie Johnson, Riverside by Dec 4-2
Lost to Marko Tarley, Fairmont Senior by Dec OT 8-6

120 Isaiah Isabell Record: 28-13 6th Place

Lost to Brian Dawson, Hyndman (PA) by Fall 1:16
Defeated Wyatt Salmons, Cabell Midland by Fall 0:26
Defeated Bailey Radabaugh, Preston by Dec 11-8
Defeated Kevin Brewer, Fairmont Senior by Def
Defeated Hunter Kuhn, North Marion by Dec 10-3
Lost to Cole Laya, East Fairmont by T-Fall 18-2
Lost to Brian Dawson, Hyndman (PA) by Fall 2:00

126 Jack Lorea Record: 35- 5 3rd Place

Defeated Jamie Couch, Parkersburg by Fall 1:31
Defeated Casey Burdette, Sissonville by Fall 0:34
Defeated Cayden Hoover, Greenbrier East by Fall 1:38
Lost to Jacob Simpson, University by Dec 5-3
Defeated Payne Salmons, Cabell Midland by Fall 2:08
Defeated Nate Stephenson, Waynesburg (PA) by Dec 7-2

132 Joseph Fore Record: 19-17

Lost to Seth Martin, Oak Hill by Dec 7-1
Lost to Garrett Jordan, Cabell Midland by Dec OT 6-1

138 Austin Conaway Record: 10-21

Lost to Khaleb Fazenbaker, East Fairmont by T-Fall 16-0
Lost to Hunter Bishop, Preston by Dec 11-4

145 Isaac Isabell Record: 27- 8 4th Place

Defeated Alex Pellegrin, Fairmont Senior 2 by Fall 0:35
Defeated Kade Hayes, North Marion by Dec 2-0
Lost to Colby Morris, Waynesburg (PA) by Dec 4-3
Defeated Joey Gidley, University by M-Dec 13-0
Defeated Josh Wojciechowicz, Bridgeport by Fall 2:03
Defeated Jacob Smithson, Buckhannon Upshur by Dec 9-2
Lost to Colby Morris, Waynesburg (PA) by Fall 2:52

152 Brayden Elswick Record: 12- 8

Defeated Evan Shumaker, Oak Hill by Fall 1:31
Lost to Owen Zeiders, University by Dec 8-4
Defeated Lance Smith, Meyersdale (PA) by Dec OT 2-0
Lost to Tyler Mason, Keyser by Dec 7-2

170 Jayvon Hall Record: 21- 6 5th Place

Defeated Riley Lantz, Buckhannon Upshur by Fall 1:05
Defeated Benson Bassell, Bridgeport by M-Dec 15-4
Lost to Cameron Pine, Washington by Fall 3:44
Defeated Cordell Taylor, Cabell Midland by Dec 7-1
Defeated Leslie Campbell, Greenbrier East by Dec 9-2
Lost to Shayden Daugherty, Keyser by Fall 2:09
Defeated Tanner Krause, Meyersdale (PA) by Fall 0:41

182 Kristian Hussell Record: 7- 6

Defeated Cole Hughart, Sissonville by Fall 1:10
Lost to Jace Bradbury, Washington by Fall 0:37
Defeated Ricky Newbrough, North Marion by Fall 1:59
Lost to Grant Postlethwait, East Fairmont by M-Dec 8-0

195 Gerard Hall Record: 22- 6 4th Place

Defeated Luke Robinson, Waynesburg (PA) by Dec 10-7
Defeated Coner Wogan, Washington by Fall 0:44
Lost to Jackson Moomau, Petersburg by Fall 2:48
Defeated Luke Robinson, Waynesburg (PA) by Fall 0:56
Lost to Mason Fair, Riverbend (VA) by Fall 1:58

285 Matthew Kincaid Record: 9-13

Lost to Greyson Cooper, Parkersburg by Dec 5-2
Defeated Logan Osburn, Cabell Midland by Dec 5-0
Defeated Hunter Burkett, Hyndman (PA) by Dec 10-6
Lost to Daniel Sherrard, Hedgesville by Fall 1:21